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Fireplace Installation

Full fitting instructions can be found inside the case, if you have not received these instructions please click on the following links:

Written fixing instructions

Fixing instructions photo page 1

Fixing instructions photo page 2


The Health and Safety Executive has advised of serious accidents resulting in the death of two children because stone fireplaces fell on them owing to poor installation.   I have not been informed of the manufacturer of the fireplace or the installer.  It might well have been a DIY installer.  The consequences are too devestating to allow untrained persons to install fireplaces.

Minsterstone instructions should be followed without fail for the installation of Minster fireplaces.

In addition please note the following:

1.  The plaster should be removed so that the fireplace is installed behind the plasterwork.  Stone fireplaces should never be bonded to plaster work.

2.  The fireplace jambs should be tied back to the brick or blockwork of the chimney breast with the ties we provide, where possible at the top and bottom of the jambs.

3.  Only lime mortar should be used in the bedding and erection of our fireplaces.


Every Minster fireplace is erected in our factory, we know it fits together properly.  If you experience difficulties please contact us before carrying out any work on our fireplaces.