Manufacturing and trademark

Minsterstone was founded in 1885 and has a long and successful history in the production of architectural precast, stone fireplaces, stone garden ornaments, paving stones, balustrading, stone water features and memorial stone products.  We filed our first trade mark, Minster, in word and mark in October 1932 and we were first incorporated as a company on 5th January 1920.

Traditional stone masonry

Our stone products are hand made though we do of course employ what automation is available to us. The traditional skills are still essential and our stonemasons have years of manufacturing experience, are trained in house, and continue to train apprentices today. The materials we use and the skills of our craftsmen enable us to achieve a very close match to natural stone through the exacting finishing processes employed. Because the finished article is 80% limestone traditional stone masonry techniques can be employed. This is why the details and patterns on our fireplaces and ornaments, such as egg and dart pattern, gadrooning, carved details, motifs, arises, fillets and stop mouldings are all so exquisitely sharp.

Incomparable quality

Our craftsmanship is evident in all our products from garden ornaments and paving stones to our architectural stone products and stone fireplaces.


Minsterstone uses West Country limestone in a variety of different types and colours. The principal stones are Portland from Dorset, used by Sir Christopher Wren in the restoration of St Paul’s after The Fire of London in 1666 and in many other London buildings then and today. Ham, a local stone from Ham Hill near Yeovil, and used in the building of many local houses and stately homes, Doulting, also local and used most notably in the construction of Wells Cathedral in the 12th Century, Light and Dark Purbeck from the Purbeck hills in Dorset and Blue and Red Devon from our neighbouring County and used as a feature in paving and fireplaces.

Stone samples

We hold small samples of each type of stone and for clients interested in ornaments, paving and fireplaces it is simple for us to discuss with you the type of colour that interests you and send a couple of samples for you to compare.

Wide range of mix designs

For architectural precast we can send small samples for the benefit of speed but would prefer to have time to develop a mix design that meets the architect’s particular requirements and then cast a sample for submission.