Stone Paving

A wet cast product is designed to achieve a comparable appearance to natural stone with excellent strength and durability. Wet cast paving are generally finished by acid etching.

Aggregate Size: All sizes from 20mm to dust

Strength: Not less than 40N/mm² at 28 days

Repairability: May be repaired

We recommend that our paving is laid with a full bed and not dot and dab.

Semi Dry Cast Paving is a high quality product manufactured using crushed natural stone.  A hand crafted produce, hand cast into moulds and hand finished by quality stonemasons.  Once cast, differing degrees of finishing can be applied by grinding the stone or acid etching.  With a content of at least 80% natural stone it is designed to give the client the highest available resemblance to natural stone.  Traditional carving can be carried out on this type of product.

Aggregate: 5mm to dust

Strength: In excess of 25N/mm² at 28 days

Repairability: East to invisibly repair


Wet Cast Plain - Sizing Specifications

Width (MM) Length (MM) Depth (MM)
900 600 50
600 600 50
600 450 50
600 300 50
300 300 50
450 450 40
450 225 40

Alternative sizes available on request

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